Life of a Journalism student

Time management

This word sums up the life of every journalism student. Yes this is every students problem no matter what their major is. For a journalism student though this is the hardest part. You are always taking classes in either tv, radio, investigative reporting, or interactive/online media. Therefore projects are always around the corner for radio and tv.


UF has a great journalism school where you can learn every part of journalism that you want to learn. Besides the usual tv and radio classes that teach the basics. You can work for the tv station and radio stations being a reporter and a bit like a producer making sure the parts of the days shows come together. You can also cover sports which is a lot of fun. With all the sports programs there is never nothing to do.


The tipping point

Have you ever wondered how trends spread and gain enough momentum to be like epidemics. the tipping point by malcolm gladwell does a great job at answering that very hard and complex question. There are three parts that make something spread: the law of the few, the stickiness factor, and the power of context. When something spreads a few people contribute the most and usually follows an 80-20 rule. Meaning 20 percent of the people responsible for spreading a trend will do 80 percent of the work.  Of this 20 percent of people there are 3 types who do the work. First is the connectors. These are the people who seem to know everyone they help the trend reach as many people as possible with with their expertise in weak ties or being an acquaintance. Then come the mavens they are especially good at finding and keeping hold of new information. So the maven finds the new information and gives it to the connector to spread. The last of the three is the persuader. The people who are natural persuaders and always say the right things. They convince everyone to follow the trend.

The second rule in making something a trend is its stickiness factor. Before sesame street became a hit in the 1960’s nobody thought tv could be an educational medium. What made sesame street stand out from the rest is its stickiness factor. For sesame street the repetition and ability to hold preschoolers attention gave the show its stickiness factor.

The last rule is the power of context. Time and place are more important than one might originally think. The book brings up crime in new york city and the sudden drop off of crime rates in the 1990’s. The book sites a change in context of New York city as being the major change. New studies have come out recently showing a strong correlation to lead in gasoline and rates of violent crime. Violent crime has rapidly declined all over the world and in direct correlation with bans on leaded gasoline. This isn’t in the book but i feel like it still relates to the importance of context. In order for the worldwide trend in falling violent crime rates to occur the world wide context of leaded gasoline bans had to happen first.

great in depth article on violent crime and leaded gasoline

If you want people to adopt a new set of beliefs you must develop a community of people to help support the beliefs. When an idea spreads there are five different stages in which people adapt it. First are innovators, second are early adapters, third early majority, fourth late majority, and last but not least laggards.

The tipping point is a good book if you want to know how epidemics begin, what it takes to start one especially a social one which are the most complex and how it will be adapted by people once it starts, and lastly how social epidemics end with immunity.

World Cup = Big Business

New Zealand v Mexico

A little bit off topic from my blog but there was a very important game today between Mexico and New Zealand. Mexico is by Far the favorite to go through this 2 game playoff. New Zealand is a Minnow in Football/soccer terms, they may be the worlds best rugby nation but they are rather average at football. Mexico one the first game 5-1 and will probably win the next unless their entire squad gets injured and they have to forfeit the next game which is highly unlikely. We need to Imagine a world where Mexico does not qualify for the World Cup. An unspeakable failure for a nation with over 100 million people whose most popular sport is football. Added to that fact they are located in the CONCACAF qualifying group. Which is either the 3rd or 4th hardest of the 5 qualifying groups behind UEFA(Eurpoe),COMNIBOL(South America), and CAF(Africa). Imagine all the millions of jerseys not being sold, or the lost advertising possiblities for Mexico’s Sponsors, or the lost Business for all the pubs and sports bars in Mexico who get a giant boost every world cup summer. Now imagine what that total loss in US dollars would be.

What if I told you that would be a 600 million dollar loss?


I was truly shocked when i read that. Mexico is Adidas highest selling national team jersey. That amazed me even more. No offense to Mexico I know they have a lot of fans, but more popular then the worlds team Brazil or Germany or Argentina. Man Imagine the total loss to the global economy if there was no world cup this summer. That would be well into to trillions of dollars in lost revenue for so many businesses around the globe not just giant multi-nationals but the local pubs in the USA all the way to Japan. Football truly is the worlds game.

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Lost in the woods


One of the best parts of Gainesville is all the places there are to explore.  But make sure you have enough time to go all the way through the trail. I made this mistake recently as I miss judged when sundown would be after the time change . There are a few different trails you can walk on, and you are far enough removed from civilization that I saw some deer and wild rabbits as I was walking. They were to fast to take a picture unfortunately. Once I reached the place where I spotted them on the trail they had already jumped into the woods. This was also the problem, I spent to much time admiring the fallen trees and looking for wild animals that I lost track of the time. I got to the park at 5 which I thought gave me 2 hours to wander around. However, to my annoyance it started getting dark around 5:45. Worse still I wasn’t even half way through the trail. To make matters even worse I misread the map so I kept going down the long way thinking that I would reach an intersection, and take a short cut and get out just in time. But I had  already passed that part so there I was like an idiot semi lost in a 4 or 5 mile trail and the sun was 5 mins from going down.  By this time I had already started  running and panicing because my friend who came along but didn’t want to go to far was waiting at the entrance. So I must have run 2 or 3 miles in sandals, in the dark, in the woods, while my friend(whose a girl) is calling me on the phone, and freaking out because shes all alone at night in the woods, and scared out of her mind. Luckily for me Florida doesn’t really have any big land predators that can kill a person, so i wasn’t that scared of running around a trail in the moonlight. Or I’m dumb enough to think Florida woods are pretty safe. So my lesson for anyone who goes to San Felasco trails on Millhopper Rd:

1 make sure you have enough time. 2 bring a friend whose not scared of the dark in the middle of the woods(might be hard to find) 3 consult the map to make sure you know where your going. 4 bring a flash light if your scatterbrained like me

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Patrick Colden

A little bit about myself.

I grew up in a city called Palm Bay. Its an hour and 20 minute drive east from Orlando. Not to far from the Atlantic Ocean maybe just 20 or 30 mins from the beach. Palm Bay is not that big of a city. Theres not much to do there but i managed to not die of boredom in the 18years i lived there. I’m currently a student at UF studying telecommunications. I love to play soccer. I grew up playing since the ripe old age of four. Besides that i like to go to the gym and go walk around in conservation type of areas and take pictures of nature.

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Paynes Prairie


Has everyone heard of bitcoin? By now probably but most people have just heard of bitcoin and do not actually know what it is. So bitcoin is a digital currency. Specifically a cryptocurrency because there is no central bank or government backing bitcoin, and the currency uses criptogrophy to prevent double spending along with other security purposes. Once validated, every individual transaction is permanently recorded in a public ledger known as the block-chain.

Bitcoin’s were first conceived as an idea by an anonymous source who goes by the name Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2008. When bit coin first started the coins were trading for pennys for a bunch of coins. Obviously without people having common knowledge about cryptocurrencies and bitcoin in particular then they weren’t gunna be worth very much. Also just as important is the infrastructure in place to handle btcoins was still a long ways away back in 2009 or 2008. Today there are exchanges were you can trade bitcoins once you’ve mined them for tons of different currencies like $USD. Also businesses were not taking bitcoin in exchange for products and services. While most businesses still do not except them, in certain areas like New York and California bitcoins can be exchanged for many things because there is an infrastructure and culture there that adapts new technology faster. If you want to learn more about bitcoin on youtube at JupiterBroadcasting in their playlists/show Plan B

Read about how far bitcoin infrastructure has come

Or see how some people won a bitcoin lottery in many ways through buying early and holding onto their coins

lottery winner

Its really amazing to think of how far technology has come. Imagine a future where their are no state backed currencies where a central bank creates policies to inflate or deflate the value of the currency and instead people only use cryptocurrency

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12 years a slave

Movie Night!!

Most places have a movie theater and Gainesville is no exception. Another American history type of movie just came out over the weekend. The film is called 12 years a slave, and sounded pretty boring when i first saw the trailer for it. However rotten tomatoes has given it a 95% rating so far which is very high for the movie critique site.

Check it out here

The Plot:

In the pre-Civil War United States, Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York, is abducted and sold into slavery. Facing cruelty at the hands of a malevolent slave owner, as well as unexpected kindnesses, Solomon struggles not only to stay alive, but to retain his dignity. In the twelfth year of his unforgettable odyssey, Solomon’s chance meeting with a Canadian abolitionist will forever alter his life.